Well, that’s all right.  Clint can be so…  [She huffs, figuring out what word to use—immature, childish?]  Well, you know how he is.  But I’d like to believe he’s matured from our earlier days in the Avengers.  He is a good man, regardless. So—  How are you, Thor?  [She’s not sure whether to ask about the Lady Sif or Asgardia; both topics might be too intimate for them to discuss…]  Your life is always exciting.

He has a good soul… But a far more interesting personality. [ That was one way to put it at least. Thor still liked him, though there were more times of frustration than anything else sometimes ] Hm… [ He shrugs, then forces a small smile ] Not always. Unfortunately, I seem to be at a stand still with events. There is a man I recently met by the name of Starlord. Odd name, have you heard of it? He seems rather proud of it…



Peter bites his lip to hold back laughter as Thor goes on and on, forcing his features to remain stoic. “Oh, god, stupid me, asking you to rap without a proper beat. Obviously that could never work.”

He had known he liked Thor ages ago, of course, but it felt good for him to add another name to his exceptionally short list of friends. Taking a loud sip of his soda, Peter nods absently, smiling politely at the waitress as she appears to refill his glass. “We’re not the strongest, humans, and we sure as hell ain’t the smartest, but we’ve got heart, I think. Put us in a corner, we’re gonna’ get out of it.”

         ”Why? Can you? Right here, right now, o’er hamburgers and milkshakes. Can you throw down some rhymes at me?" Now, Thor was getting carried away. He didn’t even know why anyone would try to throw down any kind of words, it didn’t make sense. But he heard someone once say it and assumed it was acceptable.

                “I know, I have seen it plenty. The courage of mortals is something I had not thought so deeply until I had come here and fought alongside so many. There is an unmatched bravery that e’er exceed the mightiest warriors of Asgard.”

I am the Lady Sif. Born a goddess and forged a warrior. I have been baptized in the tears of my enemies. And their children’s children fear my name.

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"We will have to disagree on that matter." He referred to the elves as he got to his feet and tore open the curtain that shrouded Thor’s room in darkness. "Gerdr is not an Elf, mind you. She is Jotun and an impatient woman —Freyr couldn’t be bothered so he sent her in his place. She seems to like Sif though."


Were it not for Sif’s quick thinking they wouldn’t be receiving aid at all. “Why you chose that human over her I will never understand.” 

Hands clasping behind his back Loki turned to face Thor, lips pursed while thinking over his answer to that very not so pleasant question. “How much do you know about the war with Jotunheim? How much about Odin’s rule as king?” What he was going to say wouldn’t elicit a positive response and Loki could only hope it wouldn’t be directed at him.

          Thor grunted, nearly throwing the other pillow at Loki. Details about meetings he didn’t even care about. He was annoyed altogether that Loki was even having interplanetary meetings and in control of the fates of other realms. In fact, he was starting to loss his taste for breakfast.

                “What relationship I had with the mortal Jane Foster is none of your concern.” Indeed, he spoke in he past tense, but had no interest in elaborating as to why with Loki. Last things the deceiver needed was more fuel against Thor.

                           ”You know father and I had our disagreements, but you take something that ne’er belonged to you. Nor e’er should! What foul play have you committed to have all of Asgard believing you are worthy of the throne. To not try and play me, I will find out what you have done.” Though, he wished Loki would just fess up about it.

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"Oh, you can, huh?" Peter grins around a mouthful of burger, making no attempt to hide his amusement at the idea. "Like what? You can’t just say you can lay down some lines and then not lay them down.”

However, Peter nearly chokes a moment later, arching a brow before sucking down some more soda. “Uh, lifting a car is something that like, humans can’t do.” He lifts up an arm, poking at it. “We’ve got bird bones compared to you, dude.”

          “I need a beat first! And song familiarity, you cannot put me on the spot like this! It had to be desecrate… Away from public, preferably in Avengers Tower with several tankards of ale later…” It was specific, but when the chemistry is right— Thor had it. Shrugging, he takes another bite of this burger.

                 ”Aye, I know this, but I have seen more interesting feats occur with humans traversing the world’s highest peaks or safely land on their own moon! To me, that is far more impressive.”



            That’s good.  That’s great, actually.  [She laughs lightly, patting her friend on the arm.]  Drunk calls and texts are typically regretful accords, Thor, so it’s a good thing you’re not on the sending or the receiving end.  And you don’t have to worry about what Clint might have said.  I’ll have a word with him later.

          I doubt I would be too terribly upset if I were on the receiving end. Quite the harmless gesture, I think. Though, I hear most others get a bit upset about them… I suppose sometimes ‘tis hard to tell when one is serious or not. [ Shrugs and then smiles ] Ah— No need, after all is clarified between us now, I feel much better!



"Mmm… Yeah, I don’t think you really have a say." She circled the thunderer slowly, looking him over from head to toe. The seductress smirked at him, tapping her chin with a soft hum. "I despise this realm just as much as its inhabitants despise me—- can you not simply let me be?"

           ”Absolutely not. Midgard is under my protection and I will be damned to allow you to pass into that realm without crossing me first.” Sticking his hand out to her, he shakes his head a few times, steeling his expression. 

                         Thor straightens himself out and then brushes off her shoulder after his own. “You must pardon me, I had not seen you there nor meant to walk right into you. Many apologies.”

You think you know pain ?

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         ♪We bé all night—