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okay MCU

but really

when are Thor and Sif gonna kiss

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Just imagine the Avengers going to Ikea, and Thor is the only one who can pronounce the name of anything. 

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thor week » thor as a king
↪ thor and his spread thighs on the throne

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Chris Hemsworth -Foxtel 
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This is going on Facebook, smile!
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               ”Thor…!" Jane greeted breathlessly, not quite expecting a visitation.  Then again, when did she ever?  The guy had a habit of dropping off the face of the world, only to appear when she would least expect it.  Not that she minded; the whole spontaneity thing was one of the things she liked about him—before things blew over, anyway.

                             ”What, uh… what brings you down here?”  Stupid question.  He did live above Broxton; they were practically neighbors if she thought about it, but if he was here it had to have been on godly business.  Or something.

          Usually, the thunderer always remained calm and collected, but her surprise made him react nearly in the same manner. Quite always did Jane bring out a more human side in Thor that not many others could honestly replicate.

                  “Ah— Hm, I thought… Erm—” Pulling up two coffees to the counter of the desk, he gives an awkward smile and pushes one towards her. “‘Tis been some time…I thought you might like this as well… Long hours here, aye?”