“When I wasn’t myself, it took the near decimation of an entire species for me to realize my mistake.  Now I’m not saying to wait that long or to let Lady Sif face this all alone.  Give her a push, but give her the amount that’s needed.  We all make mistakes.  We all make terrible decisions.  Whatever your girlfriend’s going through, Thor—it’s just another mistake that she has to recognize, and she has to move past it.”  Perhaps Wanda was the last person to be giving advice.  After the horrible mistakes she had committed, she wasn’t sure whether she was the right person to make claims about it or not.

                       But Wanda wanted to help Thor in any way that she could, and if that meant trying to give less than half of an inspiring speech by Cap’s standards—mostly because she hardly believed she could make a speech that was half his worth—then it was worth a shot.  Reaching out, Wanda placed a hand on his and gave it a gentle squeeze.  ”You will find a way,” she reassured him, smiling.  ”You always find a way, right?”  Why, the guy went through Ragnarok, for Pete’s sake.  If he could go through the death and rebirth of an entire planet, then she was certain the thunder god could do just about anything.

           Knowing Wanda spoke from experience, Thor didn’t have any desire to argue these facts with her. He knew her guilt and the burden she had to carry because of it. And because of this experience, he wanted to do everything in his power to prevent it from happening to Sif.

                   Her gentle gestures and kind words would always have Thor’s trust in her. They were Avengers, together through and through. No matter what she did in the past, he knew her as a person. As from his own past, he too made mistakes, and then learned. “You are both wise and understanding, m’lady. I will not force her to do anything unless necessary, but I shall ne’er give up on her. I would have her return whole. And too—” Because of all things that Wanda wanted, he knew Sif would, “—Forgive her for this blindness.”

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make me choose: thewintersoldiersbutt asked: Thor or and Loki?

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thor week - day one: why are you a thor fan and what draws you to thor?

i am thor odinson of the vikings. i am not the god of reason and understanding. i am the god of thunder and lightning!

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Thor: God of Thunder #24

I will follow you into the dark.


Thor Week: Day Three

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Favourite Thor Scenes → Comic and Movie Parallels

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mcu meme: two avengers

thor odinson [2/2]

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